Welcome to Data Reworked

Does dealing with your data make your head spin?

  • Do you feel like you could be doing more, but don’t know what?
  • Do you want to achieve more from your current business, helping you to find more like for like customers?
  • Do you know who your current customers or clients are?
  • Are the customers you’re currently getting your ideal customer?
  • Do you know where to get new leads?
  • Do you have a clear idea where you’re going and what you’re trying to achieve? Did you know your data can help you unlock your business potential?
  • Do you struggle managing your data?

Who can we help?

  • Small and medium sized businesses
  • Large corporations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Public and private schools
  • Charitable organisations
  • Adult education organisations

To get the most from your data we need to:

  • Establish who your current customers are
  • Determine who your dream customer is and whether they are the people you are attracting
  • Use your data to help you find more clients
  • Help you to better interpret your data
  • Create a plan to help you target the right customers, in the right way to generate more leads and increase your sales


What makes Data Reworked so different?

We put you and your business at the very heart of our discussions. This process isn’t about selling you a service or product it’s about helping you to unlock the potential information that’s already there within your business. Enabling you the freedom to make the best decisions and know how to increase your sales and help your business to grow.


What’s my investment?

Initially we recommend you book a free consultation (click here) to discuss your business and your needs. Then we can determine the next steps.

Typically we then work on a project by project basis including set agreed hours, half day or day rates.


What’s included?

As part of the process we’ll help to analyse your data and business goals to see how your data can unlock the potential to help you gain more sales and enable you to plan better within your business.